Engineers of Tomorrow jobbeurs - 15 maart 2023!

Hieronder vindt u alle praktische informatie over het EoT-evenement. Aarzel niet om bij vragen onze FAQ te raadplegen, of contact met ons op te nemen via

Registration procedure

The registration process consists of two phases: a pre-selection (registration) and a final registration phase. To ensure the quality of the event, there is currently a limitation on the number of participating companies. Pre-registrations will run until Thursday, Nov. 10. Our graduating masters will then decide by early December whether or not your company will attend the EoT event. We encourage every company to participate in pre-registration! Past experience has shown that every company (regardless of name recognition or size) has an equal chance of being selected by our students. By the way, pre-registration is completely free of charge!

Phase one: The pre-selection

Would you like to participate in the EoT pre-selection? Then start the registration process by logging on to the website (or registering) using your personal e-mail address and password. Next, it is important to know if your employer already has a company profile/company page (e.g. because you have participated in the EoT pre-selection before).

Does your company have a company profile on our platform? Then all you have to do is update the content on the company page and complete your preregistration by clicking the "confirm preregistration" button. Does your company have a company page, but you don't have access to it? Contact the administrator of your company page. For all other questions, please contact us.

Does your company not have a company page/company profile? Then start the EoT story by creating a new company account with linked company page. Spend enough time and attention on this page, after all, it is your company's online business card and signboard! Our master students scan all the company pages and select their favorite 10 companies based on them. A weighted ranking is then created based on the top 10s of all master students. The higher your company is in these rankings, the more likely it is that your company will receive an invitation to the EoT job fair on Wednesday, March 15, 2023.

Phase two: final registration

Did our masters vote your company up as a company of interest? Congratulations, because then we are happy to permanently invite your company to the EoT job fair on Wednesday, March 15, 2023. Your company score gives you a fair idea of our masters' interest in your company. Please note, your participation is only final once we have received the registration fee. Did your company not obtain enough votes? Then unfortunately we have to disappoint you (for the time being). Your company will be placed on a waiting list. If another company cancels, you may still be contacted. We are currently working hard on a concept where we have to disappoint as few companies as possible at future editions.

Registration fee

Students or alumni take part for free in EoT. As acompany, you can register free as well on the EoT platform to participate for the preselection. An unique opportunity to make yourself known by our students! You only pay when you actually sign up to take part in the EoT-event on Wednesday 15 March 2023. The participation fee amounts to € 1.000,00 (excl. BTW). What can you expect for this price?

  • Eén beursstand met bijhorende faciliteiten
  • Toegang tot de speeddates met gegarandeerd geïnteresseerde afstuderende masters
  • Het felbegeerd CV-boek met daarin alle aanwezige masters
  • Mogelijkheid om een aantal interessante vacatures rechtstreeks onder de aandacht te brengen van onze masters
  • Jouw bedrijfsinformatie in onze EoT-bedrijvengids
  • Resem aan faciliteiten op het online EoT-platform
  • Doorlopende catering voor 2 of meer personen gedurende het volledige EoT-evenement

Other practical questions?

Do you have a question about the event? Take a quick look to see if the answer was already included in our FAQ! Not found? Contact for more information.

Have a technical question around the EoT platform or your personal account? Maybe the answer was already solved on our Support pagina! or email to