Engineers of Tomorrow is the job fair in Antwerp that unites future industrial engineers, recently graduated industrial engineers, and by technology and innovation driven companies. Thanks to our unique speed dating concept, master's students can conveniently meet the employers of their dreams. Bachelor students and recently graduated industrial engineers with limited working experience are continuously welcomed to broaden their view of the job market by discovering our attending companies. Get inspired during our inspirational talks, or promote yourself during our networking event. So, either you are looking for your first work experience, an internship, an ingenious summer job, or an inspiring moment, EoT is the place to be!

Not just any job fair!

At Engineers of Tomorrow we try to organize our job fair just a little different in comparison with the average job fair. Just like our precursor, Bedrijf zkt. Ingenieur, we try to match our students to the companies based on their study profile and interests, and we will then send them on speeddates during our event. In this format students and companies get the chance to get to know each other in a limited timespan. This concept does not only makes the fair a unique experience with benefits for both parties. It also allows the student to get to know companies he would have never spoken to if it wasn't for the speeddate. We at Engineers of Tomorrow are really trying to be a starting point and a gamechanger for the interesting careers of our graduating master students
We also welcome bachelorstudents looking for an interesting internship, or an engineering related student job, during the network event. Dare to introduce yourself to your favourite company and quickly discover all the benefits and opportunities you will get during your education.
At last EoT is hoping to be a steady way for recent graduates who have already gained some work experience and would like to make a career switch. Similar to the bachelor students these people get the chance to get in touch with all sorts of interesting companies. Engineers of Tomorrow has the ambition to grow from a job fair for graduating industrial engineers to a job fair for junior industrial engineers in Antwerp. Are you an Alumni looking for a first working experience after taking another study? Then we will give you the chance to take speeddates too!

Job event? Zeg maar Job verhaal!

Studenten maximaal betrekken en ondersteunen in hun zoektocht

3 March 2021

Engineers of Tomorrow

Engineers of Tomorrow is the job fair in Antwerp where future engineers, recently graduated engineers and companies driven by technology and innovation can meet. Thanks to the unique concept of EoT, master students can have exclusive speed dates with companies. Bachelor students and recently graduated engineers with limited work experience are welcome later in the evening. Get inspired during our innovative talks and sell yourself during our networking moment. In brief, are you looking for an internship, master's thesis topic, summer job, first job or do you wish to reorient after your first work experience, then this is the place to be!

16 February 2021

Solicitation do’s and don’ts

In March the time has come: Engineers of Tomorrow. Hopefully you are already looking forward to the speed dates? Exciting, because you might discover the job or employer of your dreams, and you don't want to look bad at that moment! To prepare yourself for your first job applications, we will organize an interactive workshop on job application techniques. Deloitte, a renowned Belgian consultancy, will guide you on this evening through the wonderful world of job applications. What should you say and what not to say? You will learn it all on Tuesday February 16 at 8 pm!


Resume photo

Your chin upright, shoulders slightly turned, chest out, ... and smile! A good resume photo is important, if only to design your LinkedIn quickly. Have your best 'me' captured on photo by a professional, free of charge!

8 December 2020

First aid for a good resume?! By Select Projects

Your name, your contact details and your diplomas, that's the essence. But what else belongs on a resume? And what certainly not? Recruiters review hundreds of resumes per day and therefore know perfectly what to include and what not, how long your resume should be and whether or not to include a motivation letter. During “First aid for a good resume”, a Select Projects recruiter gives the best tips and tricks to take your resume to a higher level, both on paper and online. Because a good resume immediately makes a good impression.

29 October 2020

Career event by IE-net

Do you know what a starting engineer earns? Or do you have no idea what to expect in additional legal benefits in your first salary package? Maybe you are just curious about what fellow engineers really find important in their job? Or in which sector they are active? IE-net's career survey reveals it all! Appointment October 29, 2020.